Mineral, oil and gas and gold Risk management consultations

The trade in Minerals, gold and other precious stones in Kenya and the over the region is a profitable, attractive yet very treacherous venture, with many transactions ending up with heavy sums of money lost in avoidable circumstances.

RVS Kenya has over the years been involved in several minerals and precious stone due diligence checks and has a perfect network to effectively carry out the Investigations.

We have time proven ability in Identifying Counterfeit and Piracy networks, infiltration and exposure.

Safe Minerals, gold and other precious stones trade Kenya.

Mineral trade scam checks, Kenya

To make your transaction safe we carry out the following services.

  • Seller background checks and criminal records checks.
  • Infiltration of networks.
  • Document verifications.

We understand the faceless menace behind fraud and scams and contacting us shall be a first step in managing your counterfeit menace


Gold trade background checks.

Our trade protection service include..

  • Escort services.
  • Identification and tracking.
  • Infiltration and purchase.
  • Investigation service
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