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Rapid verification services is a leading information, compliance and resource company with over 12 years of providing clients with the information they need to make smart and informed business, corporate and personal decisions through the use of background checks, compliance and verification checks.

Rapid Verification Services offers you fast, prudent, reliable and professional verifications, legalization and investigation services all over Kenya.

  • Organization Verification..
  • Document verification.
  • Business Information.
  • Public Records
  • Apostille services.
  • Trademark and Copyright.
  • Risk

Tech and innovation based information and verification services Kenya.

Due Diligence Kenya.

Fast and reliable due diligence services all over Kenya for both business, organizations and individuals.

Background Checks Kenya

Background checks and risk assessment services all over Kenya.

Pre Employment Checks

Make the right employment decisions with reliable pre and post employment checks.

Property Checks

Investing in Property? Fast and reliable title and survey checks in Nairobi, Kenya

Organization Verification.

General Organization verification services and reports for both Business, organizations and individuals.

Public Records.

All public records search in Kenya. Corporate records, marriage, birth, death and divorce records.


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Document verification.

We provide a leading and unmatched document verification and authentication services all over Kenya. Be it academic certificates, marriage records, corporate records - We go you covered.

Due Diligence in Kenya

We assist businesses make the right decisions in Kenya by offering a front to end due diligence services all over Kenya

Document attestation and legalization.

Attestation and legalization of document few use outside Kenya

Public Records

Access and search to all public records in Kenya.

Kenya market entry consultations

Kenya Market entry consultation services.

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