Company search Kenya.

Rapid Verification services offers you fast and reliable Company information and company records checks in Kenya.

With extensive experience of over 10 years in providing company information services, corporate records searches. Company background information, we are best placed to provide you with a reliable Business and corporate information and records search service in Kenya

Our records services include.

  • Company records.
  • Organization records.
  • Corporate Information.
  • Transcript verification.
  • Registration verification and information.
  • Certificate verification and authentication.

Requirements for a company search in Kenya

To conduct a company information search in Kenya you need at least one the following details.

  1. Name of the company
  2. Registration number of the company.

Corporate records searches in Kenya

We provide institutional information on Businesses, organizations and companies for your ease of Business and other interactions.

Looking for corporate records, Business information and due diligence? W have the experience and Networks to process the information you require.

Company CR12 Search information.

Company records searches can provide the following results.

  1. Full name of the company.
  2. Company registration number.
  3. Registered office of the company.
  4. Names and addresses of the directors and shareholders of the company.

Certified copy of company certificate

Copy of company records in Kenya.

RVS Kenya

All corporate records search services all over Kenya.

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