Counterfeit Checks Kenya

Having a counterfeit menace and gross infringement of your Intellectual Property Rights?

RVS Kenya has extensive experience and networks in detecting and investigating the manufacture, Import, distribution or sale of counterfeit products and goods.

We have time proven ability in Identifying Counterfeit and Piracy networks, infiltration and exposure.

From making buying the counterfeit goods, making contact, infiltration and exposing the entire network to protect your brand, trademark and Business.

Protection on your Counterfeit goods in Kenya.

Anti Counterfeit services in Kenya

Our services include and are not limited to.

  • Purchase of counterfeit goods and products.
  • Infiltration of networks.
  • Information on manufacture, production, import and distribution.

We understand the faceless menace behind counterfeit and contacting us shall be a first step in managing your counterfeit menace


Our Anti counterfeit campaigns include..

  • Products identification.
  • Identification and tracking..
  • Infiltration and purchase.
  • Investigation service
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RVS Kenya

Anti counterfeit tracking services Kenya. Protect your brand.

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