All round Background services in Kenya.

RVS Kenya provides reliable, secure and comprehensive background checks and background investigation services all over Kenya.

Rapid Verification services Kenya offers background investigation service to Business and individuals. We provide an experienced, detailed and professional background checks and verification service.

For all your Background screening services, background investigations and verification services, we offer an experiences and best networked service in Kenya.

Both corporate and invividual background checks all over Kenya.

Our Background checks include.

  • Company Records and information Checks
  • Employment history
  • Reference follow ups
  • Educational certificates
  • Personal History
  • Criminal background checks
  • Litigation History
  • Marriage checks

Background checks and investigations in Kenya.

Background checks are tailor made to suit your requirements and particular need.
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Background Information services Kenya,

RVS Kenya has for the past Thirteen years provided Background information services to both corporates, organizations and individual clients alike.

RVS Kenya

All background services in Kenya.


Frequently Asked Questions - Background checks

What is a background check in Kenya?

A background check in Kenya is the process of looking into an individual's Business, criminal, financial, and personal background. The information obtained can be used to make informed decisions about the subject with matters related to Business partnerships, employment, reputation, clearance, and general information

: What type of information is included in a background check in Kenya?

A background check in Kenya can include the following information

  • Litigation histroy
  • Registration information.
  • Criminal History
  • Employment qualifications
  • Educational qualifications
  • Business licensing
  • etc

Are background checks in Kenya accurate?

The quality of Background checks depends on various factors including

  • Accuracy of the information provided
  • Access to the relevant databases or registries
  • Security of the information or records required

However, generally, most information is reliable.

Is a background check similar to a criminal record check in Kenya?

A background check more often than never, includes a criminal record check. But is more comprehensive and can also include

  • credit history
  • employment verification
  • Educational qualification
  • Proof of address etc.

Are there any laws that regulate background checks in Kenya?

Yes, some legislations regulate background checks in Kenya such as the Employment Act, which provides guidelines for how background checks can be conducted and how the information can be used by employers and anti-discrimination processes

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